Thursday, January 8, 2015

Should You Elope in Hawaii?

The big question that runs through a lot of couples minds...should I or should I not...

"Elope Hawaii" is the title of my most popular post on this blog. And I was amazed when I saw just how popular that post actually was. It was more than twice as many views as either of the next two popular posts! So its obvious that a lot of couples are seriously thinking about eloping to Hawaii.

Now because so many are interested in this subject, I'm going to write several different posts that should go a long ways to satisfying those who are thinking about running off to paradise and tying the knot all by themselves (or with just a few family and friends).

For years I ran my own wedding company in Maui, Hawaii. Over 14 years I saw big weddings and small—about 2500 of them in all. (That's a lot of weddings to coordinate!) I can tell you from experience that the smallest weddings with just the couple were inevitably the happiest. It seemed to me that the couples who brought no one but themselves had so little to worry about that they enjoyed the entire experience so much more.

And from a wedding provider's point of view, I would tell you that each of their Maui beach weddings were so much more fun for all of us who were the vendors. My wife and I really did  enjoy helping each of these couples tie the knot because they were able to focus so much more on each other and experience their love more fully. It just reminds you of why you're there and makes the whole experience so much more meaningful for the couple.

So first and foremost, don't ever feel that you have to be ashamed at thinking about yourselves and planning your own elopement in Maui.

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