Monday, January 5, 2015

Maui Wedding Packages All Inclusive

We used to have a website for our company which was called: All Inclusive Maui Weddings and Honeymoons. The concept is great and a lot of companies throughout the world have "all inclusive resorts" which offer weddings as part of their deal.

Unfortunately, by law in the State of Hawaii, we cannot offer one big package that you can purchase that will include everything (including the hotel and the travel to Maui along with the wedding). We just can't do that or we would.

BUT, we can provide for you all of the benefits of having an all-inclusive wedding package, and also help you put together the travel and the accommodations all at the same time. We can provide you with Maui wedding packages all inclusive. That means we can give you everything. Your wedding package, your accommodations, your travel arrangements, and even some major help on your activities while you're here in Hawaii. 

Just call Susan at 1-800-856-3270.

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