Sunday, January 4, 2015

Maui Wedding Videos

Many of our couples like to have a video shot of their Maui wedding. Most couples who have a professionally edited Maui wedding video really enjoy how awesome they are for remembering the moment when they committed themselves to each other.

Unfortunately, some couples do pass on having a video because they think a video will be too pricey.

But we also have what we call our "mini video" in which we mix both video clips and the stills that we take over the course of the evening into a six minute video edited to a romantic song.

You don't want to miss have either a full length Maui video or one of our mini videos at your wedding. They are great for screening back home if you are going to be having an anniversary party with your friends, or as some couples choose, to get married in Maui and have a reception back home...great to show during your reception
Here is a sample of a recent wedding we did.  You can see what it would look like if you want one for your vow renewals.

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